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Production | Optana Slowakia - Slovak manufacturer of glass frames

OPTANA Slowakia

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The priority of OPTANA-SLOWAKIA is the production of modern HIGH TECH prescription eyeglass frames, taking into consideration the aesthetics and the modern design. The production is carried out on quality numerical controlled CNC milling machines thus allowing to achieve high precision and flexibility. This system offers a 100 % quality control during the whole production process of the eyeglass frames.

The advantage of the company is the production of smaller series of eyeglass frames and the flexible change of new models and colours. For example, we can produce 100 pcs of eyeglass frames in 5 colours in one order (20 frames in one colour).

The material used for the production of plastic frames is cellulose acetate – it is a certified material of the highest standard on the world market in different colour varieties. Currently we offer our products in high-standard quality that comply with the  modern trends. The characteristics of the material is its long-lasting colour, high resistance against weather conditions and UV radiation as well as durable shape. It is not harmful to health and does not cause allergies.


The newest product is BIOPLASTIC under the marking M-49 by MAZZUCCHELLI 1849, the biggest producer in the world. The metal parts that are necessary for the production of eyeglass frames are supplied by the company IDEAL, an Italian producer of components that belongs to the most successful companies in this field.